Tach-It Tagging Guns & Supplies

As the innovators and leading supplier of tagging systems, Tach-It has the widest variety and best quality of Tagging Guns, Tagging Needles, General Purpose, and heavy-duty fasteners. All of this along with our Special Products, Competitive Pricing, Excellent Service makes Tach-It the company to come to for all your tag attaching needs

Known throughout the industry as the finest tagging gun in the market today, our Tach-It 2 Tagging Gun is available in Standard, Fine, Long and Long Fine. We also offer our Micro-Mini Standard and Fine Tagging Guns and our Economical and high quality Simba Gun.

Tach-It also offers tagging needles for virtually all tagging guns in the market.  Our needles are made of the highest quality steel and made to avoid any snagging or damaging of the garments.  We also offer special application tagging needles for your specific tagging tools and applications.

Available in a variety of styles and lengths Tach-It offers tagging fasteners in standard and fine styles, regular and micro-spaced and in general purpose and heavy duty nylon.  Also available are tagging hooks and security loops for hard to tag products.

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